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Executive Coaching 

Coaching is about supporting you to build and develop the mindset and skills for cultivating a new level of performance to achieve your goals Whether that’s figuring out what success means to you, improving your performance, transiting to your new career, or accelerating your developmental process, to name but a few, I am here to help you succeed.

We’ll work together to clarify and build on your self-awareness for alignment with your goals, build momentum and confidence  to propel you forward.

To find out more about what it is like to work with me, you are encouraged to contact me for a chat so that I can understand how can I support you in your transformation journey to success.  

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Creativity and Innovation Coaching 

Creativity approach in my coaching supports you to frame existing challenges and generate new ideas through different art based methods. It's about experiencing art as a process for self discovery.  Using visual dialogues to create deep exploration and self awareness as well as visual literacy for critical thinking and meaning making for information presented during our session.  

Coaching Mindset Training 








Coaching Mindset for Professionals” (CMP) is a 6-months coaching course with certification is catered towards leaders, managers and executives in the business world.  Our program is specially designed to impart coaching skills and a coaching mindset to support professionals in this highly uncertain and complex world.

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