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“I was fortunate to have the chance to know Janice while I was going through some struggles and challenges in my career. Through the coaching sessions, Janice was sensitive and able to gain my trust, observe my facial expressions and body language in details, identify the root of my struggles, and then eventually encourage me to find out the workable solutions by asking the right questions. It was a very pleasant experience to work with Janice and the coaching sessions were certainly helpful.”

Head of Investments, Financial Institution 

“I enjoyed the coaching session with Janice as she  takes great interest in connecting with people and it’s of her key strength as a coach. She actively listens and ask the right questions. The coaching session has been very useful and created self-awareness and plans to get to my personal goals.” 

Director, Financial Institution 

What They're Saying

“Janice is composed and friendly in nature, a relatable coach with whom I could easily connect. One characteristic I value about Janice is her ability to ask the right questions and dive deeper into my concerns with a structured approach. She begins with a bigger picture and breaks them down. She also incorporates creative and artistic activities to connect my body, mind, and soul! With that, I was able to find the root cause of my concerns, and find the best solutions that fit me best. I highly recommend Janice as a coach!” 

Founder, Social Enterprise


“Janice played a pivotal role in helping me navigate a transition in my career and I cannot be more grateful. She asks the hard questions with great finesse; these discussions have been thought provoking and she provides a safe space for us to break down our own complex thought systems always genuinely believing in our personal strength. Thank you Janice.”

Innovation Lead, Social Service

“Janice is a great coach and I deeply value the time we've spent together and the progress she has helped me make in my life. As a coach, she has helped me to reflect on my leadership style, identifying areas for improvement. I’ve learned how to communicate clearly with my team whilst being realistic about the work I could take on, and the most importantly learned how to say no. Janice was insightful and able to analyse the key issues by listening to what was being said; as well as unsaid, and asking relevant questions. As a result, I have been able to pinpoint areas for change, think through different approaches, and then focus on taking action. Janice’s coaching has been the catalyst for the change in my life and her guidance has been amazing.”

Associate Director, Financial Institution 

“After a personal crisis, I was searching for an executive coach and got to know Janice who is very empathetic and never judgmental.  She listened intently and helped me to understand why the personal crisis occurred to me and why I reacted the way I did, given my personality traits. That being said, I did not have an easy time though as her questions were provocative, perhaps coming from her desire to really want to help me understand myself better. My answers were certainly those not those “scratch on the surface” kind.   Through her, I started to make sense of my past reactions and now, what I learned during our sessions still guide me when I come across similar situations. I am now happier and more confident to go about my daily life. Thanks to Janice.”

Manager, Property

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